Programming Question — N Queens , Leetcode 51

  1. In this question, we are asked to find ways in which n queens can be placed in a n*n board without attacking each other.
  2. we will take a helper function in which we will pass rows staring from 0 and for each column we will see the position is safe for the queen or not.
  3. if the position is safe, we will add the position(row and column) to our queen set, and recursively call helper function for next row, and recursively remove the position from queens.
  4. for safety of any row and column, we will check the row and column are present in the queen set or not, if present, we will return false.
  5. lastly , we will convert queens into board as the positions where queens exist , insert ‘Q’ there otherwise insert ‘.’
  6. we will return result.





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Raj shukla


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